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Special Education

A little over 30 years ago the first federal legislation was enacted regarding educating students with disabilities primarily due to the fact that many children were not receiving an "appropriate" education.

Since then, we have seen several revisions to this all-encompassing law. The most notable being the IDEA Reauthorization in 1997.

In 2004, Congress passed the most recent revision and/or reauthorization to the original law relative to educating students with disabilities. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEIA) of 2004 made significant changes in the way school districts conduct business as it relates to delivery of educational services to students.

In order to continue to deliver educational services to students with disabilities, school districts need to be not only familiar with the law but also insure it is always ahead of the game by taking proactive measures to educate and in-service its staff relative to the ever-changing requirements of the law. Failure to stay ahead of the curve could expose the school district to claims for compensatory education or, even worse, land them in court.

Beard Legal Group prides itself in being a proactive leader in the area of special education law in Pennsylvania. In addition to providing in-service education on numerous special education topics, we assist clients to effectively understand and comply with the mandates and requirements of special education laws on both the federal and state level and how they interplay with other companion statutes such as Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504 and No Child Left Behind.

Beard Legal Group represents and advises school districts in all areas of special education law. We also represent school districts in special education due process hearings, appeals and in state and federal court.

We are proud to be a leader in the education community by providing a wide range of special education services to our clients.