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Timed Mediation

Beard Legal Group has pioneered the concept of "Timed Mediation" throughout the State of Pennsylvania. In this unique approach to collective bargaining, the entire contract bargaining process is completed in no more than 48 hours.

The process begins on a Friday evening with dinner and concludes within 48 hours or less. During these negotiations, the parties limit the issues taken to the process, and sit together at bargaining and meals during the weekend.

Timed Mediation was enacted to avoid the often several year process of bargaining in school district teacher contracts. This process typically concludes eight or nine months before expiration of collective bargaining agreements, giving the School District labor peace without educational interruption and months to plan appropriate budgets.

Beard Legal Group has done more Timed Mediations than any law firm in the state of Pennsylvania. Since the process was formalized by the Bureau of Mediation in Pennsylvania, Beard Legal Group has been successful in every Timed Mediation by achieving a complete collective bargaining agreement in the 48 hour limitation. We have handled more than 25 Timed Mediations throughout the State since the process was initiated.

This process not only concludes bargaining long before contract expiration, but also proves to be less costly to School Districts than traditional bargaining.